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Celebritity Tweets

05 · 04 · 09

If you have been following @geekgirls on Twitter recently, you know that I have a big problem with celebrity profiles on Twitter, for many reasons.

First, Twitter’s main purpose is connectivity through conversation. I think it’s great that celebrities have logged on to see what Twitter is all about, but if they’re not going to engage in conversations, then what’s the point? And I highly doubt that they’re using this website to send tweets or DMs to their friend celebrities. So, if they are not going to make themselves available for conversation with anyone outside their own circle, then what’s the point? Read the rest of this entry ?


iPhone Apps

04 · 23 · 09

by @geekgirls 


iphone_appsI recently acquired and an Apple iPhone and have found that it has not only become my organizational life line, but also the most fun hand-held gadget I have ever owned.


I must admit, when it comes to personal organization, I am terribly and inexcusably “old-school”. Until just a few weeks ago, I carried a day planner with me at all times. I mean the kind that has a phone book and weekly calendar, business card holder and useless 5 inch ruler, notepads and pockets for extra papers. I also carried around a cell phone, iPod, camera, extra notepaper and pens in what was developing into a huge diaper bag of accessories. Thankfully, my geek guy generously purchased an iPhone for me in order to simplify my daily tasks and reduce the strain on my shoulder. Read the rest of this entry ?