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06 · 18 · 09



Pavlina currently resides (in the real world) in the planned city of Columbia, MD which is located between Washington DC and Baltimore, MD.  There she plots her eventual subjugation of the world by knowing everything. She has degrees in chemistry, math, more chemistry and a little bit of chemistry on the top. She is known through the internet as Pavlina20 and you may often find her twittering about randomness, or cursing her own fate at her home on the internet at Life is not for the Lving, a how to guide for the maladjusted.

She enjoys playing games Final Fantasy on her DS, sewing and creating costumes both for work and play, playing with her two small children, watching TV, reading books, listening to podcasts and podcast novels, and trying to find a way to extend the day so she can fit all that in and still get 8 hours a sleep per day.