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Jennifer Hennen is a North Dakota-bred geek girl now living in the exotic lands of Minnesota, where she spends most of her time working, gaming, and pretending she’s a good cook.  (Getting the magazines counts, right?)   She and her game designer husband share two cats, Bella and Egon, as well as a sizeable collection of Blythe dolls, My Little Ponies, and Transformers.  Luckily, the collections all get along. (Optimus Prime and Mme. Rosebud perhaps a little too well, but don’t tell Candy Carnival!)
A gamer since childhood, one of her favorite memories is going to the public library, requesting the box of 5.5″ floppies from the librarian who doubled as Mother Goose at StoryTime, and playing through half a dozen Broderbund games on the yellowing IIe.  Later memorable gaming experiences include obsessive stints with Toejam and Earl, Dune, Wolfenstein, Ocarina of Time, and, of course, Animal Crossing.  Snood got her through college, where she majored in Latin.  She plays Rock Band on Expert and isn’t afraid to kick your butt at trivia.

Jen Hennen

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A bio, huh?  Why is that always the hardest part of something like this?  I’m a tap dancer, a juggler, an extremely amateur photographer, a volunteer, a foodie, a word nerd, a sci-fi addict, a baseball fan and so many other things.  I spent four years of my life studying mathematical chaos theory to make a career for myself in ticket services and arts administration.

I have a tendency to speak before I think, which has caused both hilarity and heartache.  And often, I talk to no one at all, as if I’m having a conversation with myself – usually, I am.

These days, I can be found at work in Times Square, in the bleachers at New Yankee Stadium (although I wish it were OLD Yankee Stadium), or curled up at home with a book, my cat, the computer and any combination thereof.




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I’m Katie and…

I’ve literally killed every PC I’ve ever had from using it too much which is why I’ll never use one again.

I watched the entire series of Buffy on DVD in two weeks and almost failed Spanish because of it.

The only copy of Thriller I own is on vinyl.

I save everything I’ve ever written.

I have shelves and shelves of DVDs that are in order of my favorite to least favorite.

I’m happier being a geek than I ever was being “normal.”




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My name is Amy Thoren and my friends call me Bunny, Bunnykins, or Ami. I like any thing cute and girly, pink is my favorite color and I have a hello kitty keyboard and mouse connected via KVM to 3 computers.

I enjoy helping others and making people around me smile. I hate to make others upset or even see them upset and will do what I can to cheer them up. I get comments a lot on twitter and my own site about how kind and sweet I am and I love hearing those things. Thanks for those reading this that have said those. ^_^

Out of high school I wanted  to start a electronic repair shop, which I did do although was not very successful until I added repairing computers to the list of things I would work on. I honestly thank Microsoft for making windows ME so bad because if it was not as bad as it was I would not be a computer tech at the moment. I would probably be working at a grocery store which I did while paying for the online clases.
Even though I owned my own repair shop I was not making enough to live off of so I got hired by a company that needed some one for computer support over the phone and that is where I am working today. The company I work for also sells phones though t-moble although they used to sell all-tell until t-moble had a much better offer to resell phones. I do like t-moble much better then all-tell.

I run a few web sites which I enjoy working on in my spare time. The websites are and I am going to be starting a blog called, I just got hosting and the domain so just waiting for things  to get set up at the host and that should be good to go soon.  I also do want to mention as this is in my twitter bio that I do help others work on their web pages mainly installing scripts or  even editing scripts so I do consider my self a part time webmaster. I do some day when to go into web design full time but I have a lot to learn to do that.

I like anime, manga, web comics, comics, games, linux, computers, movies (mainly romantic movies), and making friends. ^_^




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I’m a .Net web developer with a side MS SQL Server. I’ve been working in the web world for about 10 years. I’m the only geek girl in an IT group of 9 geeks.

My favorite past times are being with my family, surfing the web, reading, listening to music and watching movies, pretty much in this order. I periodically, I get a guilty conscience and will take the dogs walking, so I can say I worked out. Bad, I know.

My nature is inquisitive. So, I spend a lot time on the web outside of my job, looking up my latest quest for knowledge. I’m quiet, unless I have something to say, and have been known to be a touch sarcastic but for the most part direct and to the point.

My favorite mottoes are: “Live and let live” and “Always give as good as you get”.

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It’s difficult, I think, to write a bio on myself. I’m sure I am many things to many people, and I didn’t want to simply chronicle my jobs and accomplishments like a resume. So in not so many words, here’s what I’m all about.

I read comics, watch the science channel, and listen to audio books and podcasts.

I have a unique sense of humor, can create an instant enemy with sarcasm, and enjoy making obscure movies references in front of people that I know won’t get it.

I use a thesaurus regularly, wish I had more time to play my guitar, and could eat pizza every single day…..for the rest of my life.

I have an unhealthy fascination with zombies and kittens; play platforms games like they were my job; and on occasion, I do dishes and fold laundry.

I am equally passionate as I am stubborn; competitive as I am insecure; hopeful as I am realistic.

Above all else, I am just a girl who likes being a geek. Oh, and I am @geekgirls & creator of Geek Girls Networktm !!