10 Secret Sites for Web Designers

06 · 20 · 09

By @geekgirls

Well, they might not be secrets exactly, but no one told me which sites could help and why when I started out in the web design field. And there are so many online resources to help, after your website is up and running. Here’s what I use on a regular basis and why:

1. Google Web Master Central (free) Keep track of your Robot.txt and Sitemap.xml files as well as and check what “google sees” when crawling your website. Every time I add a new page, PDF,etc., I create a new XML sitemap and upload it to Google. Google loves fresh content, so rather than waiting around for Google to find it, send in your new content immediately.

2. Google Analytics (free) See what your visitors are doing by checking page views, inbound links, search terms and ROI filters. I check this once a month to review traffic and what visitors are doing on my website. The analytical data is very useful in helping to change your website to fit the needs of your visitors.404

3. Errorlytics (free) Check you site for 404 “Page Not Found” errors. I check this every once and awhile, just to make sure that no page is forgotten.

4. Feed Burner (free) Burn and manage your RSS feeds with this simple site, plus, lots of gadgets for promotion. This is the easiest, quickest, user friendly addition to my web design arsenal. Although RSS hasn’t caught on with the general public as much as I would have liked, this tool make my life way easier. Plus, Feed Burner also offers a free Email Subscription that’s fantastic.

5. Atomz Search Tool (free) Set up a free site search tool and decide which pages should be included or excluded in the index. I am broke so I can’t afford any of the search tools that Google and Yahoo offer. Atomz indexes enough pages for my website and the customization allows me to ensure it index exactly what I want.

6. FireFox Web Dev (free) MUST HAVE. Check your entire website to ensure its W3C! You can verify CSS, HTML, RSS, Links, Java Script errors, etc. Unfortunately, Dreamweaver CS3 doesn’t pick up all the W3C errors it should, and even allow you to add code and tag that technically aren’t correct. WebDev picks up everything to make sure every page will be compatible.

7. HubSpot Web Grader (free) Compare your website’s marketing effectiveness against your competitors. Grader reviews metadata, blog ranking, google page rank, inbound links, etc. I also sue this site once a month to gauge ranking,

8. Traffic Flow SEO (free) Submit your website to tons of directories to help with inbound link building. This is very time consuming and some sites need you to fill out form data with your email, blah blah blah. Bottom line-spend the time and do it. Inbound links hold a lot of weight in page ranking.

9. Sitemap XML builder (free) Get a free .xml file of your website in seconds! Make sure to submit it to your Google Webmaster account too. I am just too lazy and this website creates the xml I need, literally in seconds.

10. Spell Check (free) Kinda cumbersome, but it works.

What online sites have you found that you just can’t live without?



  1. Ok! Nice..Check this out

  2. Nice list of things to use with my website…thx for posting 🙂

  3. nice list. will definately help me in fixing my site. keep it up.

  4. More in the designing area: I would be lost without BlueVertigo. They’ve got a pretty good list of where to find what tools online. Stock photos, Vectors, Typefaces, Color Tools, all sorts of things 🙂


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