Marketing Strategy Needs SEO

06 · 17 · 09

By Lisa Kaslyn

Many of the businesses I speak with share some perplexity when it comes to their Inbound Marketing strategy, and its primary tactic, search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s a simplified way of looking at it: If traditional marketing is about pushing information – sometimes intrusively- out to customers, (i.e., advertising, trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, and email) then inbound or new marketing is more about making your business findable in a world where customers have more control over what information they receive and how they receive it.

Since SEO is the critical factor here, let’s do a little demystification. When we talk about SEO, although there are a number of major search engines, like Yahoo!, MSN and AOL, we are really talking about Google – they’re the heavyweight champs with more than 65% market share. So, what can businesses do to affect their organic (vs. paid) search engine ranking on Google? Well, no one can really answer that question, except for maybe Google co-founders, Larry Page or Sergey Brin, but here are some proven techniques that businesses can implement now to start moving the needle up the page:

1. Content is KING! Spiders (Google bots that run around the web indexing data from web pages) need food. The more you feed them with new, relevant, and interesting news, articles, studies, case histories, blog entries, etc., the more they will come back to your site, which impacts your ranking. Good, “expert” web content is highly valued by Google

2.Keywords Reign. While strong, reader-focused content is paramount, KEYWORDS are critical. There are free tools on Google and other sites that will assist you in determining the right blend of keyword phrases. Bottom-line: you want to use terms that describe what you sell, are commonly searched words, but are not overly utilized by your competition

3. Experts Rule. Google likes when credible, high traffic websites link back to your site. It’s another indication that your business is a recognized expert in a particular field. Make it a priority to get quality link backs to your site. Start by submitting to directories, such as Yahoo!, DMOZ (the open directory project), Zoominfo, as well as vertical directories in your industry

4. On-page Hygiene. Be sure you have basics covered with your webmaster, such as title tags, meta descriptions, meta keywords, and specify which doc type you are using, so browsers can process your webpages.

Finally, measurement and tracking are an absolute necessity in any business. In order to improve your SEO, you need to measure results. Google Business Solutions offers a free Analytics tool with easy-to-understand reports to make trackable improvements to marketing campaigns and websites.

Lisa Kaslyn is president of Kashen Communications, a NY-based marketing communications consultancy, www.KashenComm.com.




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  2. Great overview !!

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