5 Must Have Tools in my Web Design Arsenal

06 · 16 · 09


When I first got into web design I didn’t know much about anything. I created pages on free sites such as Gurlpages.com and Angelfire.lycos.com. All I had to do was fill out a form, hit submit, and my web page was created for me.

Then I discovered HTML and that’s when my love for web design began. That’s was back in 1999. Now ten years later I am still have a passion for it.

Here are my 5 must have Web Design tools:

1. My Mac laptop: Some people say that Macs are better for design than PCs. I started off on a PC, but I love working on a Mac better. I find that my design software runs so much better on my Mac and the graphics look great. The downside to Macs is the price tag, but being a freelance designer it well worth the investment.

2. Design Software: I started out writing HTML code by hand using notepad, and Print Shop and Paint to jazz up my images. Now I used Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and some times Flash. I also used Fetch to upload multiple files at once.

3. Reference Books: The Visual Quick Start Guide Books are favorite reference books. They come in various topics and in different levels based on skills. I highly recommend the “Teach yourself visually” book on HTML for beginners. They used pictures to help illustrate HTML code and how it would show in browsers. The O’Reilly people make a cool pocket size reference book for HTML and CSS.

4. Browsers: Besides Internet Explorer, I also used Safari and Firefox. Being a good web designer you must know how your websites looks in different browsers. Knowing how to work CSS will come in handy here. You can create your style sheets to cater to different browsers.

5. An Imagination: Every web site has to start somewhere before it developed into something.

This list is by no means standard tools of web design, just what I use as part of my web design arsenal. What are your must have tools?


  1. This is so far beyond me…I wish I could grasp this. My website would be sooo much better!

    • You can do it! The books I recommended are a great way to get started, it’s how I did. Start at you local library. I didn’t invest in the equipment until years later when I was able to afford it.

  2. Indeed a great post. one should think before spending thousand in website designing. website should be user friendly and impressive as well. http://www.slideshare.net/webidiotz/evolution-of-internet-and-web-based-business-1509758
    such presentations may help us to focus on website designing and its efficiency. keep updating

    • Thank you. I totally agree with you. Before building and investing in a website, you must do your homework. Research and planning is the key to getting on the right path.

  3. Considering today’s fast changing internet, a web designer must have a tool to make its web pages interesting and engaging. A tool which can attract people to their website and keep them there longer and engaged.

    • Yes I agree. You should never stop learning and be willing to try new things.

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  6. I think PC’s and Macs are on equal footing when it comes to design work these days, although there are some Mac purists who insist their machine is better. I’ve been designing websites on PC’s for well over 10 years now and I’ve preferred my PC over a Mac every time (yes, I’ve used both). So for less money, I can basically get a machine that does the same thing. And when something does go wrong, it’s usually fairly inexpensive to repair (if I can’t repair it myself, that is). That, to me, makes a PC worth having.

    I also prefer gaming on a PC and considering I do that, as well, PC is always my first choice.

    As far as tools go, I think the majority of what I used is mentioned, although I’d also add Adobe Illustrator as I’m often asked to design logos.

    Finally, a list of sites that inspire you is always nice. I prefer designmeltdown.com and bestwebgallery.com.

    • I agrees Mac and PC are equal on some levels. Since I do other things besides web design and when I swamp files with others, it easier because they have Macs as well. Adobe has been really good at making the software available for both Mac and PC. I am going to check out those links you suggested.

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