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Laura is a thirty-something geek living in her native Pennsylvania, where she spends too much time on the internet under the alias Lady Norbert.

In addition to contributing to this website, she is an administrator on the Zeldapedia, an online encyclopedia about all things concerning The Legend of Zelda, and a periodic contributor to TV Tropes.  She has taken the Geek Test at innergeek.us and was pleased to be identified as “Total Geek.” 

She wears a lot of t-shirts that make her mother roll her eyes and has a steadily growing sword and dagger collection.  Her geeky pastimes include writing fan fiction, playing video games, and watching movies with her equally geeky husband Kevin.  She masquerades as a normal person by working as the secretary in her church and writing freelance magazine articles; she’s deceived the populace so well that they allow her to be the advisor of the church’s youth group, the teenaged members of which she is gradually instructing in the Way of the Geek.

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