How I ended up with 4 different Webhosts

05 · 13 · 09

By @bunnykins2 (cross posted at Bunnykins Blog)

I have been asked a few times lately by friends how I keep track of all the webhosts I have. This usually comes up when I state I have more then one or even say that I have 4 total webhosts. So I thought I would write up a blog entry for all of my friends saying how I ended up with 4 webhosts.

About 3 years or so ago I left 1and1 hosting after 2 years with them. I left do to running into an SQL size limit which at the time was 50mb but was doubled after I left. I do think they have gotten ride of the limit how ever I am not sure as I have not had hosting with them in over 3 years. When I left 1and1 I went with GoDaddy but the site was very slow with them so while I was with GoDaddy I spent a lot of time looking for a new host 3 months actually. I signed up for several hosts and had issues with a lot of them from poor support to worse speed. I found 2 hosts that met my needs and had no speed issues. That was bluehost.com and downtownhost.com. I put some of my sites on bluehost.com and some on downtownhost.com. One of my friends was having issues with her host, support issues and slow page loads and she had siteground.com. So I sold her my bluehost.com account as I liked downtownhost.com better. That’s 1 of the 4 hosts I currently have.

Less than 2 years ago I ran out of space with downtownhost.com so moved the largest site to hostgator.com. With the plans they sell I did not think I would run out of room ~_^.  The site ran very well on HostGator and was doing pretty good a little 2 good because the site was suspended on HostGator for using too much CPU. I was told in a support ticket that it was caused by too many connections to one of the RPG systems I have which is called the Army System. In talking to HostGator about this issue I could talk to the makers of the Army System and found a way to make it less CPU intensive or upgrade my account on HostGator. At the time I did not have the money to upgrade so I talked to the makers of the Army System and they did state they were going to come out with a fix. I was a bit doubtful about a new army system release as it has not been updated in a long time and actually even today there is not a newer version so was in the right mind set on that. So I went on another mission to find a host that met my space and CPU needs. I found a host called Crucialwebhost.com so I talked to support and made sure they would work for me. They were helpful in answering all my questions but did seem a bit desperate to get me to sign up and even offered to give me 1 month free so I took the offer and moved my site over. The site was much slower than it was on hostgator.com but was not that bad. After the free month was over it got slower and support turned terrible. Members on my site were being blocked randomly for about a week. I got very tired of that specially that I was blocked and I went looking for yet another new host. I looked into several. There was one host called everity.com that I was talking to and I was thinking I needed the semi dedicated do to the cpu issues I had with hostgator.com. One thing they told me that got me to sign up was “you probably do not need the semi dedicated plan and would probably be fine on a shared plan”. That statement showed me they were honest, not desperate, not after my money and there to help so I signed up. Everity.com is the second host of the 4 I currently have.

How I got the third host is a little different. There was not space issues with everity.com or any issues at all. What happened was I was doing support just for fun on the forums over at inferno technologies and after a while they offered me a job as support staff. I took it and was given free hosting on a dedicated server. I went ahead and moved one site over to them. 3 months later inferno technologies closed down. Instead of moving my site back to everity.com like I was going to do. I got looking at a new host with a control panel I had not used and was very interested in testing it. The control panel was called DirectAdmin so I signed up with a host called hostsimplex.com as they seemed very nice while talking to them. A few months later they closed down and I was so into DirectAdmin that I looked for another DirectAdmin host and found hostpc.com and signed up. The speed was just as good as Everity and even inferno technologies but I did have an issue with support being rude specially the owner of the company the rest of the staff was fine it was just the owner that was rude. I did not like that and started talking to another host called mddhosting.com and in order to get DirectAdmin with them I had to get a VPS plan so I did as I also needed a ShoutCast server and I could use the VPS for that. Mddhosting.com is very friendly and just as good as everity.com and downtownhost.com and is the 3rd host out of the 4 that I currently have.

The 4th host that I have I got recently and this time I got it do to winning a contest on a new site called webhostingboard.net, which I feel is a great site to talk about webhosting. The company I got hosting from is called whirlhost.com and so far things are good. Support is not rude, not despirate and have been friendly so far. Although support is a bit slow, however the staff did apologize.

Here is what each host is for.

Downtownhost.com – right now has my brother’s site on it and that’s the only site that is there at the moment.

Everity.com – hosts my gallery

mddhosting.com – hosts my main site which is otakuplayground.com

whirlhost.com – hosts my blog.

So far I do feel these for hosts are great and I do feel bad I may have to drop 1 or 2 due to being a little short on money.

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