Web of Pain comic

05 · 12 · 09


By @geekgirls

I posted this comic not only because it’s hilarious, but because my personal “web of pain” experience was the winner in this week’s contest! Site Masher, the creators of Web of Pain, chose my story to use in the storyline this week and sent me an awesome prize (helping me continue my caffeine addiction 😉  Make sure you check out their website every second Monday for comic relief and enter for a chance to win cool prizes!!

Site Masher is a complete website solution that offers website building tools, content management, analytics, search engine optimization, and managed hosting from a knowledgeable team of professionals! With an abundance of features to save you time and money, you need to check out http://www.sitemasher.com/.

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  1. Very good comic hits right at home. The permissions thing even reminds me of an issue a friend of mine was having. She could not get some thing to display and the issue was the files were not chmodded correctly. ^_^

  2. This is totally true! I cannot count how many times I dealt with different servers/hosting providers/webmaster geeks with regards to issues on how to connect the scripts. It seems so hard to do for a simple function for forms. Mind-boggling some days!

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