Star Trek Movie Review

05 · 12 · 09

By @mistyblu

Holy shiitake mushrooms, as ActionFlickChick would say. This movie takes off fast and never lets up! Star Trek begins with action and tension, as a mysterious and powerful ship containing technology and weaponry that has never been seen before, meets George Kirk and his ship the USS Kelvin. What happens next will set events in motion that will alter lives and worlds forever.

If you have the chance I highly recommend that you read IDW’s four part prequel comics Star Trek Countdown before watching this movie. These books will catch you up on all the events leading up to the opening of the film.

The crew of the Enterprise is brought together through touching and clever ways that will please Trek fans and endear newbies. I think this is the true test of this film. And it passes with breath taking visuals, cool easter eggs and intelligent storytelling. The actors, lead pitch perfectly by Zachary Quinto and Chris Pine, do a superb job of honoring the beloved characters they are charged with while adding their own signature touches. Not to mention that they are all easy on the eyes.  My favorites are Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov and Karl Urban as Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy. Anton delivers Chekov’s famous accent with a charming subtlety that many actors could learn from. And Urban’s Bones is a cranky, complaining treat to watch. I would have enjoyed seeing more of Urban as he filled out his blue shirt nicely.

I enjoyed watching the origins of Spock and Kirk’s bromance but would have liked to have seen more on the origins Spock and Uhura’s romance. Another highlight was the space dive, filled with heart pounding twists. The sets and costumes are perfect and are most certainly being recreated as I write this.

Star Trek is can’t miss summertime fun that is filled with eye candy in form fitting clothes. Tech, action, and design junkies will be pulling inspiration from this one for years to come. Besides, watching Spock kick ass is worth the price of a movie ticket alone.

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