If you like Animal Crossing….

05 · 09 · 09

By @jenhennen

Many a geek girl is familiar with the dangers of Animal Crossing. Just when you’ve managed to extricate yourself from the game’s magnetic pull and have stopped shaking trees to see what falls out, two more AC-like games are being released within the next few weeks. Earlier this spring, Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times was announced for DS and promises to be AC in a Harry Potter world. You can cast spells and take part in a adventure mini-games, all while doing familiar tasks like bug collecting and fishing. The environment looks like it has much more variety than AC’s trees/grass/beach environment, and the game makes use of both DS screens to show off the 3D environments. The game also promises to have a much larger shopping district than Nook’s or even the “City Folk” city. Let’s hope Magician’s Quest makes money grow trees too!

For the Wii, we’ll soon be able to immerse ourselves in Little King’s Story. Same activities, but this time, you can command your subjects to do the digging for you. You’ll need more than farmers, though–eventually you’ll need to train up some soldiers, as LKS has actual enemies! (Not just Resetti.) The game has several boss fights, which may or may not add to your enjoyment of the game. Where AC had no real challenges other than collecting furniture sets or fish, having your progress depend on battling to the pixellated death with giant frogs may be too much pressure for some players. The game’s bright, dreamy graphics are worth checking out, even if some of the characters in the screenshots look awfully like Wario. If you’ve been an Animal Crossing addict like me, you’ll want to check these games out. You may find a new obsession, or possibly renew your faith in the old standby. Either way, these two new games promise to expand upon the tried-and-true Animal Crossing design and give you more power than Tom Nook ever had!

Magician’s Quest: Mysterious Times will be released for the DS and DSi on May 5th and Little King’s Story is out for Wii on April 24th.

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