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Jennifer Hennen is a North Dakota-bred geek girl now living in the exotic lands of Minnesota, where she spends most of her time working, gaming, and pretending she’s a good cook.  (Getting the magazines counts, right?)   She and her game designer husband share two cats, Bella and Egon, as well as a sizeable collection of Blythe dolls, My Little Ponies, and Transformers.  Luckily, the collections all get along. (Optimus Prime and Mme. Rosebud perhaps a little too well, but don’t tell Candy Carnival!)
A gamer since childhood, one of her favorite memories is going to the public library, requesting the box of 5.5″ floppies from the librarian who doubled as Mother Goose at StoryTime, and playing through half a dozen Broderbund games on the yellowing IIe.  Later memorable gaming experiences include obsessive stints with Toejam and Earl, Dune, Wolfenstein, Ocarina of Time, and, of course, Animal Crossing.  Snood got her through college, where she majored in Latin.  She plays Rock Band on Expert and isn’t afraid to kick your butt at trivia.

Jen Hennen

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