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My name is Amy Thoren and my friends call me Bunny, Bunnykins, or Ami. I like any thing cute and girly, pink is my favorite color and I have a hello kitty keyboard and mouse connected via KVM to 3 computers.

I enjoy helping others and making people around me smile. I hate to make others upset or even see them upset and will do what I can to cheer them up. I get comments a lot on twitter and my own site about how kind and sweet I am and I love hearing those things. Thanks for those reading this that have said those. ^_^

Out of high school I wanted  to start a electronic repair shop, which I did do although was not very successful until I added repairing computers to the list of things I would work on. I honestly thank Microsoft for making windows ME so bad because if it was not as bad as it was I would not be a computer tech at the moment. I would probably be working at a grocery store which I did while paying for the online clases.
Even though I owned my own repair shop I was not making enough to live off of so I got hired by a company that needed some one for computer support over the phone and that is where I am working today. The company I work for also sells phones though t-moble although they used to sell all-tell until t-moble had a much better offer to resell phones. I do like t-moble much better then all-tell.

I run a few web sites which I enjoy working on in my spare time. The websites are http://otakplayground.com and http://otakugalleries.com. I am going to be starting a blog called bunnykinsblog.com, I just got hosting and the domain so just waiting for things  to get set up at the host and that should be good to go soon.  I also do want to mention as this is in my twitter bio that I do help others work on their web pages mainly installing scripts or  even editing scripts so I do consider my self a part time webmaster. I do some day when to go into web design full time but I have a lot to learn to do that.

I like anime, manga, web comics, comics, games, linux, computers, movies (mainly romantic movies), and making friends. ^_^


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