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04 · 23 · 09

by @geekgirls 


iphone_appsI recently acquired and an Apple iPhone and have found that it has not only become my organizational life line, but also the most fun hand-held gadget I have ever owned.


I must admit, when it comes to personal organization, I am terribly and inexcusably “old-school”. Until just a few weeks ago, I carried a day planner with me at all times. I mean the kind that has a phone book and weekly calendar, business card holder and useless 5 inch ruler, notepads and pockets for extra papers. I also carried around a cell phone, iPod, camera, extra notepaper and pens in what was developing into a huge diaper bag of accessories. Thankfully, my geek guy generously purchased an iPhone for me in order to simplify my daily tasks and reduce the strain on my shoulder.


One of the most appealing features is the fact that the iPhone is completely customizable due to the availability of a plethora of Apps. “There’s an App for that” tagline is no joke! Just about every organizational & ADD requirement of mine has been fulfilled through the incorporation of an App.


With the help of my geeky gals from Facebook and Twitter, here’s is a list of our favorites:




·         Shopper (by Mark Krenek $.99) This App is great for keeping track of your grocery list. You can add items, organize by categories and enter detailed information such as price, quantity, or notes. As you shop, the App allows you to check of items in your cart, and if you took the time to enter in the prices, will even calculate the total before you reach the cashier. Another good one is Grocery Zen (by gbcg Software, LLP $1.99)


·         Evernote (by Evernote Free) Although I haven’t used this yet, I’m told that one cannot live without the App. Features include the ability to create text, photo and audio notes that can be automatically sync’d with a PC, Mac or the web and easily searched later on for reference.




·         Ocarina (by Smule $.99) Legend of Zelda anyone? This App allows you to “play” an ancient flute like instrument by blowing into the speaker of you iPhone while holding a combinations of dots on the screen to create notes. This is by far, the coolest one I have downloaded!


·         Shazam (by Shazam Entertainment Ltd. Free) Never again will I utter the phrase “Oh man, what’s that song?” This App identifies any song playing anywhere including your TV, radio or from speakers in a store. You don’t even realize you needed it until you have it, and it’s free!


·         Bejeweled 2 (by PopCap $2.99) This game is dangerous…dangerously addictive! Sparkling little gems stones disappear when you line up 3 in a row. Lighting and extra sparkles appear when you line up 4 or more. Endless mode is perfect for those long plane flights, or family gathering event.


·         Lexitron (by Ryan Murdock $1.99) This is a great word scrambler game. Try to figure out all the possible words from a list of 6 letters. I learn new vocabulary every time!


·         Comic Touch Light (by Plasq, LLC Free) Use this App to add a caption, thought bubble or word balloons to spruce up any photo in your iPhone. There is also an email function so you can share your new creation.


·         More Cowbell (by Maverick $.99) Seriously, I need more cowbell! I thought the novelty would wear off after awhile, but it doesn’t!!


·         Lightsaber Unleashed (by TheMacBox Free, recently PhoneSaber) Swing your iPhone around like a true jedi master with this App, need I say more?




·         Skype (by Skype Free) This Apps allows you to make free Skype-to-Skype calls or instant messages.


·         AroundMe (by Tweakersoft Free) quickly identifies your locations and alerts you to the nearest Banks, Bars, Hospitals, Restaurants, Theater, etc.


·         BucksMe (by zoLabs $.99) Tells you where the nearest StarBucks is, no matter your location.


·         Stanza (by Lexcycle Free) I have heard is the best ebook reader, ever.


·         Say Who (by Dial Directions Free) This App is a voice dialer that easy to use and accurate. You can voice dial a contact, look up their info, say phone numbers or even say an address to launch Google Maps.



Social Networking


·         MySpace Mobile (by MySpace Free) Is a worthy App that mimics just about every feature of MySpace.


·         Twitterfon (by Kazuho Okui Free) Is the first app that I feel truly mimics every function of Twitter without the need for copy and paste. For a more extensive tweeting experience, you can download Tweetie (by atebits $2.99).


·         Wootwatch (by Davis Rahardja Free) Lets you see monitor great deals and announces new items from woot.com.


·         Facebook (by Facebook Free) Is a great design for when you can’t check you FB account at work….because they blocked it….because I was on it too much….



Many thanks to all the fabulous women who shared their favorite Apps with me on Facebook and Twitter!! You girls rock!!








Christine Kay (FB)

Hope Nesmith (FB)



  1. Nice post. Really makes me wish I had an iPhone. Hadn’t been able to get one before because I needed a RDP, now that there is one, there is hope. Hopefully by this fall it will happen.

  2. Great article! And I’m tickled to be included in the thanks, but you spelled my name wrong. 😉 It’s @lauraklotz.

    • Fixed it 🙂 And thanks for your help!!

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